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Trackmatic drives initiative for Kroonstad train crash victims

Trackmatic drives initiative for Kroonstad train crash victims

On the 4th of January 2018 near the quiet Free State town of Kroonstad, a train collided with a truck. The resulting horror affected the lives of 429 passengers, 254 of which required medical assistance and 20 who were fatally wounded. In the face of this tragedy, in which a Trackmatic employee Danielle Afriat was personally affected, we identified a serious and urgent need to support our logistics family. Championed by Danielle, the Trackmatic team felt it would be amiss not to step in and do what we could to assist those affected, many of which are the most vulnerable of our society.

The victims had tragically lost family members and their personal possessions. Items as simple as clothing and school supplies were gone in an instant, the need was great! PRASA opened two 24 hour walk in centres to assist the victims and their families which is where Trackmatic stepped in, initiating a drive to collect much needed supplies of clothing and non-perishable food items to help those worst affected. We appealed to our clients, suppliers and the broader logistics community to partner with us and answer the call of those in need and make a difference! Our initiative was featured in Good things Guy here as well as an appeal to our network to spread the word.


In addition to collecting supplies and clothing, Trackmatic opened a trust account with legal firm Farber Sabelo Edelstein to collect funds for medical care and other necessities for the victims who couldn’t afford it.  The collection drive ended on Friday the 18th January and over 25 boxes of supplies were handed over to Daisy Daniel, Head of Marketing & Communications PRASA & Hector Mamukeyani, Safety Officer PRASA.


We are incredibly proud of our team and are sincerely grateful to all who contributed to this initiative, thank you!

The Trackmatic Team