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Coricraft transforms customer delight and delivery with Trackmatic solution

Coricraft, South Africa’s premium quality home furniture and furnishing design and manufacturing company, contracted with Trackmatic to help tackle the challenges it was facing around fleet visibility and customer satisfaction.

For Coricraft, it was essential that delivery fulfilment be transformed in such a way as to revolutionise
customer experiences.

The company wanted to reignite the magic of the last mile, transforming how customers perceived their performance and delivery efficiency. Today, Coricraft has reduced its delivery window to less than two hours, reduced customer complaints to a record low, increased delivery drops per route, and has transformed the customer experience, all while cutting costs.

Last mile logistics are troublesome, especially in South Africa. There are challenges around infrastructure, addressing accuracy and security that impact on delivery timing, fuel costs and efficiency.
This is further compounded by the complexity of delivering irregular size furniture items that requires skilled unpacking and assembly upon delivery. For Coricraft, these issues were affecting its customer relationships
and brand reputation.

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