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Backend Integration

The seamless link between the invoicing and or warehouse management system and the On-Road Execution™ system ensures consistency and visibility throughout the operation and in real time. Integration is possible into Sage, AccPac, SAP, Syspro, and many more.

Route Builder

A dynamic route builder will enable the planners to continually drag and drop deliveries between scheduled routes, managing exceptions and last minute deliveries using a very responsive, powerful and effective simulator function.

Route Updates

Once a truck has been despatched, routes can be updated in the system and available to the drivers instantly on the infinity device.

Licensed Planning Algorithms

This will be achieved using a powerful planning algorithm. This tool will break down the bulk of the deliveries and assign them to the available vehicles.

Third Party Planning Tools

Integration into third party planning tools such as Opsi, Roadshow, Mix, and many more.

Data Integrity

Clients have the ability to manage their data on the system, including DECO management, Geo-Fencing of DECOs, customer data management and entity management. This can also be outsourced where additional assistance from our Data Integrity (“DI”) team is available to refine and manage our client’s data in Trackmatic.

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