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On-Road Execution™

Live Visibility

Completely focused on where the vehicle and driver should be in the context of the route that was planned for him.

Historical Tracking

View all past trips and movements of your fleet historically, including all unknown and unplanned stops.

Advanced Delivery Notifications

On activation of routes, accurate and live ETA notifications can be sent to multiple contacts. These contacts can be managed independently.

Live Dashboards

Using the dashboards you can see exactly what your vehicles are doing, such as when they arrive at a customer, when they leave, how long they have been there and so much more.

Risk Management

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times has become pertinent in minimising the risk of theft. Some of the detail managed in the system includes: high risk zones, route deviations, after-hours activity, and unknown stops.

Speed Management

Up-to-date information on the speed of your vehicles at all times, including exception alerts for speeding violations according to your speed guidelines.

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