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KPI Management

Manage your drivers KPI’s through their activity and behaviour on a daily basis. This can be included into the debrief report in order to manage this with the driver as and when instances occur.

Planned vs Actual

Instant comparison of planned versus actual kilometres per route, as well as departure and arrivals times to determine any deviations from the optimised route.


Decision makers can see the trends in the company by analysing the reports; these trends show information such as successful and failed visits, on time and late deliveries, customer satisfaction, and much more. This enables them to make informed decisions that will better the operational processes.

Driver Alignment

Drivers seamlessly become aligned and form part of your daily operations, thereby understanding your organisation’s delivery requirements and what is needed from them. A daily driver alignment scorecard is generated.

Customised Automated Reporting

Insight into the daily distribution operations enabling key decisions and improvements to be made.

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