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Management Team

David Slotow – CEO

David graduated from RAU in 2002 with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Investment Management whilst working at ATM Solutions where he spent several years gaining experience in starting and building successful companies. Over the course of his career he has been involved in several other start-ups and his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to build his own global legacy culminated in him founding Trackmatic in 2009.

David is responsible for driving the innovation and strategy and focusses on working very closely with our clients to understand what is required and how Trackmatic can evolve its solution to make our clients more efficient.

Tristan-Jay Hill – Head: Sales & Marketing

Tristan comes from an Accounting background having studied a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting at Rhodes University. She graduated in 2011. During her studies she worked part-time as an Accounts Clerk and had small entrepreneurial ventures along the way. Having discovered that this was not her passion, she began her career in IT in 2011 when she joined an SAP partner as a Customer Engagement Manager. She grew to become the Business Development Manager before she left the industry 4 years later.
Tristan joined Trackmatic in September 2015 heading up the Sales and Marketing for the business. She is responsible for the brand that is Trackmatic and all sales activities.

Ari Bender – Operations Manager

Ari is the Operations Manager at Trackmatic. Having matriculated at Yeshiva College in 2007, he then spent 7 years studying religious studies in Israel before entering the commercial world.

Working within a start-up in the software/technology space is a career Ari values and looks forward to growing personally as the company continues to expand.
Trackmatic Solutions has been his first entre in management working within a dynamic team committed to one another, focused on all their stakeholders’ requirements and specifically to putting our clients first.

Currently studying 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship, Ari possesses a strong work ethic. He is in charge of all operational aspects of the business and continues to be an integral part of the business.

Melanie Johnson – Financial Manager

Melanie is a Financial Accountant. She matriculated in 2001, and graduated from ICB with a National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting in 2005.

Melanie started her career in the finance department, doing full function bookkeeping for the first 3 years of her professional career.

Melanie has worked as a Financial Manager at ITmatic for 4 years and as Financial Accountant Team Leader for Diplomat SA for 3.5 years.

Melanie is a strong and direct communicator who has a keen sense of fun, as well as the talent and drive to be the best. She has an excellent understanding of the latest accounting and financial concepts and possesses the ability to deal with ambiguity and changing business requirements. She is someone who will always provide the required level of leadership and guidance needed to ensure that best practice is always followed. Melanie’s greatest strengths is her ability to meet all financial reporting deadlines, analysing financial information and ensuring the highest levels of financial integrity in any management reporting.

Nqwenisa “Q” Gugushe – Product Manager

Nqwenisa was born, bred and matriculated in a small, quaint town called Queenstown in 2006. She came up to Johannesburg to further her education. She then enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand in the Health Science faculty and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Health Science. She then moved on to postgraduate studies and in 2010 graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiology.

Her career, however took her on a completely different path as defined by her studies, when she started working at Trackmatic Solutions in 2012 as a control room operator. As years went on and she learnt about the industry, about the business, about the customer and as the vision and direction of the company became clearer, she found herself in the customer service division of the business. Today she continues in that position training clients, implementing their projects and ensuring that our clients receive the best experience while utilising our solution.

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