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Famous Brands

Famous Brands was a break through customer for Trackmatic that was willing and has completely adopted the solution in its entirety. Famous Brands, a leader in their industry, has found and worked with the Trackmatic team to customize a solution that not only helps with their service delivery to their customers but gives management insight into their business they previously never had.

The Fruitspot

The Fruitspot, as a rapidly growing company, required accurate and reliable data from their service provider which Trackmatic was more than willing to provide. Trackmatic built a world class routing solution around the demands of this growing company, as well as provided solutions to the constraints of the business that hampered the business’s growth.

Vector Logistics

Vector Logistics, part of the Rainbow Chicken Group, has recently partnered up with Trackmatic to design and launch a world class, seamless control room solution. This solution has not only soldiered up the software solution offered by Trackmatic, but has greatly improved the visibility of the business out in the field.

Fair Cape Dairies

Fair Cape Dairies helped Trackmatic develop their temperature monitoring and reporting solution. For Fair Cape Dairies monitoring the temperature is vital to the business and ensuring what is delivered is of the required quality; for this, a solution that provides accurate monitoring of temperature was pivotal to the service provider for Fair Cape Dairies.

Norman Goodfellows

Norman Goodfellows, South Africa’s leading wine and spirit merchants, is a company in a high pressure, high demand industry and the fleet management solution needs to be able to manage these pressures and be as agile as the business. Norman Goodfellows has worked with Trackmatic in order to be more agile, providing crucial information as quickly as possible.

Peters Papers

Peters Papers was the first major distribution company that help mould the solution that is currently offered by Trackmatic. With the commitment of both the Trackmatic and Peters Papers teams, the Trackmatic solution as is known today truly took fruition. Peters Papers gave Trackmatic insight into how the industry works and really what is needed to ensure that distribution centres run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Eureka DIY

Eureka where looking for a tracking company to help them with their complex deliveries.
Trackmatic came with brilliant innovative ideas that helped us to save time and money with their system. They didn’t make empty promises and they delivered every step of the way.

“Trackmatic gives Logistics companies a different view on how to do things better.
Since we started to use them there were new things that were implemented and I cannot tell you how much other companies are missing out on. Just amazing!”

Werner van den Heever – Fleet Manager

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