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Trackmatic Solutions is a SaaS provider of cloud based real time routing and fleet management systems.
The systems we create are used in high intensity distribution departments by a number of high profile clients (Famous Brands, The Fruitspot, Vector Logistics and Coricraft just to name a few) . They are used by our clients for the day to day operations of planning, dispatching and monitoring their fleet of vehicles.
Our systems are created from a wide array of technologies spread across a number of different platforms. Our focus is on high throughput, scalable distributed systems which are required to scale side by side with the business.

Position Description
We are looking for a full stack developer to form part of the core product development team. The roles and responsibilities would include:

  • Server, Network, Hosting Environment – Understanding basic DevOps functions from configuring an environment to deploying applications. The applicant will be required to work on a complex production environment which is managed by our software development team.
  • Data Modelling & Business Logic – Understand how to model data in application development terms i.e. When presented with a software development problem the applicant must be able to represent that problem as a data model in object orientated terms.
  • User Interface – The applicant must have the ability to build effective user interfaces for the systems the create.
  • API Development – The applicant must have the ability to design and develop public facing API’s which are clear and concise making it simple for other developers to consume them.
  • Documentation Skills – The applicant must have the ability to document their work effectively. They should understand that if systems are designed well then they should be simple to document.


These are the kind of skills we are looking for:

  • Fast Learner – The applicant should thrive on learning new technologies and be able to pick up on new concepts quickly.
  • Versatility – The applicant should be able to move between the different software layers and platforms comfortably.
  • Strong Understanding of Software Architecture – The applicant must have an understanding of how to build scalable and robust software systems.
  • Passion – They must have a passion for software development and the products they build. A strong sense of ownership of the software they produce is key.
  • Team Player – They should be able to work with a team of developers to achieve a common goal.
  • Design and Business Acumen – The must have the ability to understand requirements beyond the written word.

Technology Stack

  • C# .Net
  • Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • MongoDB
  • RavenDB
  • NServiceBus
  • RabbitMQ
  • Java

Experience & Education

The applicant should have worked on at least 2 major systems on which they have played a key role as a full stack software developer. References to the work they have done will be required.
Formal education is not a pre-requisite however the applicant should actively take it upon them self to constantly research new skills and technologies. They must be comfortable with reading and researching as part of their day to day and after hour activities.

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