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Your Drivers

Put the necessary tools into your drivers’ hands to enable them to better perform their duties. This seamlessly aligns the drivers with the delivery requirements and standards of your organisation, bringing them into the business’ daily operations. They have a better understanding of what is expected of them and now have the ability to perform in line with these expectations.

A daily driver alignment scorecard is generated, detailing how the driver performed on his planned trips, route adherences, speeding, missed and late stops, unknown and unplanned stops, and so much more. This assists the organisations team to keep track of their drivers easily and provides them with the necessary insight to make important decisions relating to the drivers.

Your Customers

Trackmatic is committed to designing, building and delivering state of the art technology which will improve the way in which our clients interact with their customers and keep them informed of the progress of their order.

This is done by using outbound SMS and email notifications informing them in advance, during and on completion of their order.

Allowing customers to get real time information on the status of their request is fast becoming the minimum service customers expect of their suppliers. Our team of developers and business analysts are continuously improving and refining the tools and features available within the solution in order to make the interaction with the customer more meaningful, current and effective.

Your Business

Our solution consolidates all areas of fleet management onto one powerful cloud based application, making it easy and painless to view all information pertaining to the fleet. This creates consistency across the organisation when it comes to distribution processes and information, no matter where you are or how big/small your fleet is.

Improve your overall business by providing the necessary insight into the daily distribution operations. Reports and dashboards are available at your fingertips enabling key decisions and improvements to be made.

We are continuously adding to the rich functionality of the solution and follow an innate sense of Perpetual Innovation which results in our clients benefiting from the latest in reliable, applicable and effective business solutions to the daily requirements.

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